Company History

1822: Mathias Anderson Gedney (our founder) is born in Patterson N.J.

1825: John Quincy Adams becomes 6th U.S. President.

1836: Mathias goes to sea at 14, eventually helping to bring corn to Ireland during the potato famine.

1836: Davy Crockett dies at the Alamo as Texas declares itself a republic free of Mexico. Betsy Ross dies.

1849: Mathias sails around Cape Horn to California to join the 49er's goldrush-finding enough gold to marry young Calista Jane.


1860: Abraham Lincoln elected President.

1863: Mathias gleans his first pickle recipes working for Northwestern Pickle Works in Evanston, Illinois.

1863: Lincoln frees slaves in the U.S.

1865: Lincoln assassinated.

1874: Calista Jane dies after birthing 12 Gedney children.

1876: Mathias finds more American and English-style pickle recipes when he joins the S. M. Dingee & Co. in Chicago.

1878: First bicycles made in U.S.A.

1879: Mathias re-marries and moves to Minneapolis with his own ideas for making pickles and related products. He searches for farmers to grow cucumbers -challenging the belief that the semi-tropical vine fruit won't thrive in Minnesota.

1881: The first Gedney pickle plant opens - making Mathias Gedney's recipes for pickle and condiments - at Lowry and Pacific Avenues in Minneapolis.

1882: Gedney products are delivered and sold directly from horse-driven "cash wagons."

1883: The first skyscraper is built in Chicago. The Orient Express makes its first run from Paris to Istanbul. The Brooklyn Bridge opens.

1886: The Statute of Liberty is dedicated.

1893: Gedney company firmly established in Mpls., St. Paul, Chaska, Omaha, Kearney, Neb. ,and Mauston,Wisc. Four sons are deeply involved in the company, with I. V. (Isadore) managing the main Minneapolis plant, Henry at the St. Paul picklery, Charles in Omaha, and John in charge of sales.

Already Mathias' recipes are so well-received that production exceeds an annual 30,000 barrels of homemade, sweet, mixed and chow-chow, American and English-style pickles. Plus salad dressings, tomato catsup, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, imperial mustard, select olives and West India and Tabasco pepper sauces.

1893: Henry Ford builds his first automobile.

1895: Sales are expanded to North Dakota and Montana.

1888-1903: Repeated additions are made to Lowry plant and the M.A. Gedney Company is incorporated. Growing cucumbers in Minnesota is an unqualified success!

1901: Chaska plant expanded to make Mathias' own recipe for sauerkraut.

1901: Queen Victoria dies. Marconi sends first radio message from Cornwall to Newfound land.

1906: San Francisco earthquake kills 700.

1910: Motorized trucks have replaced the horses, but they're still called "cash wagons" and they're selling Gedney products directly to grocers and customers.

1914: WWI begins. Panama Canal opens.

1921: First radio broadcast of a baseball game.

1922: Minnesota's F. Scott Fitzgerald writes "The Great Gatsby."

1928: Harry Tuttle (third Gedney generation, husband of I.V. Gedney's daughter, Louise) starts up Gedney ladder as still operator in vinegar plant.

1929: Empire State Building is begun.

1929: The stock market crashes.

1941: US enters WWII.

1942: The fourth generation comes to work when Harry's son Gedney Tuttle, l6, begins sorting hand-picked cucumbers at the Isanti cucumber receiving station.

1945: With the passing of I.V. Gedney, Harry Tuttle II becomes President.

1945: World War II ends.

1946: Gedney's "cash wagon-trucks" now sell directly to grocers with orders placed ahead of time.

1947: Jackie Robinson is first black major league baseball player.

1948: Harry S. Truman elected president.

1949: Young Harry Tuttle III goes to work unloading boxcars of cukes. His brother, Gedney, becomes assistant credit manager.

1951: Chaska plant adds facilities for fresh pack pickles.

1952: Dwight Eisenhower is U.S. President.

1956: Elvis hits it big with "Blue Suede Shoes"

1958: The entire Gedney operation moves to a new 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse, condiment plant and offices built on l8 acres near Chaska, Minnesota.

1963: President Kennedy is assassinated.

1967: Gedney Tuttle succeeds his father as president of firm, still using the original Gedney recipes, while adding new products.

1969: Neil Armstrong is first man on the the moon! Ladies wear pantsuits in public.

1970: Instead of delivering product to distributors like May Brothers or Super Valu, Gedney customers save money by picking up their orders in Chaska. Distribution extends as far east as Upper Michigan, southward to Arkansas and westward to Montana.

1974: Vikes in Super Bowl, but lose to Dolphins. Watergate scandal, President Nixon resigns.

1979: Tom Hitch, son of Helen Tuttle Hitch and a fifth generation Gedney begins as a production supervisor.

1980: Ronald Reagan elected President.

1985: Gedney buys the Flavo Food Company and the recipes for the popular Max's Pickles. By now, the majority of Gedney Pickles are Fresh Pack.

1987: Minnesota Twins beat St. Louis in World Series.

1988: Concentrating on retail sales, Gedney discontinues the food service division, rejects machine-picked cucumbers and declares itself the official source of "The Minnesota Pickle."

1988: George Bush elected President.

1988: McDonalds opens 20 stores in Moscow.

1991: The first two State Fair Pickles (made from real prize-winning recipes for Genevieve Spano's Kosher Dills and Nita Schemmel's Bread & Butter Pickles) are launched at the Minnesota State Fair.

1992: Product distribution is now mainly through food brokers to wholesale distributors and chain stores.

1992: Bill Clinton is elected President.

1993: Gedney Tuttle's second son, Carl, leaves General Mills to take on duties as Gedney Production Supervisor.

1994: Gedney spreads into jams with four different State Fair blue ribbon preserve recipes. State Fair pickles grow to include five recipes.

1995: Another of Gedney Tuttle's sons, Jeff, moves into the company to head up marketing and advertising, while his cousin ,Tom Hitch, advances to V.P. of Operations.

1996: The new Devil's Fire Salsa recipe is tested in Tulsa and Fargo. The highly successful State Fair line now totals five pickle recipes, five jams and two new Spreadable Fruits.

1996: Bill Clinton wins a second presidential term.

1996: Sandwiches get even better and easier to make for consumers with the introduction of Gedney Pickle Planks (long sliced pickles).

1997: Gedney "Pickle Pick-Ups" introduced: a revolutionary new way to package pickles for convenience - in a bag, with no extra brine.

1998: Gedney Tuttle retires as CEO, retaining his position as Chairman of the Board. He is succeeded by his son Jeff.

1998: United States and NATO air strikes commence again in Iraq under the code name "Desert Fox".

1998: Gedney refrigerated "Crispy Pickles" introduced to compete with successful Claussen pickles.

1999: President Clinton is impeached by the House of Representatives, but acquitted by the Senate for perjury and obstruction of justice during his affair with Monica Lewinski.

1999: Gedney product distribution expands to include Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

2000: George W. Bush becomes President.

2000: Gedney acquires the "Cains" trademark and begins producing uncommon pickles throughout New England.

2001: Cains Introduces "Babies" to the New England Market.

2002: Gedney begins production of all Del Monte and Target Archer Farms pickles.

2004: George W. Bush wins a second presidential term.

2008: Barack Obama becomes President.

2012: Barack Obama wins a second presidential term.

2012: MA Gedney Company changes name to Gedney Foods Company.

2013: Homestyle pickles and preserves introduced: naturally delicious recipes.

2013: Jim McManus appointed President of Gedney Foods Company.

2014: Mark Hubis appointed President of Gedney Foods Company.