Recipe Contests

Canners Get Ready!
Twenty-five years ago Gedney Foods Company formed a partnership with the Minnesota State Fair to sponsor their pickling contests. Participants submit home-made pickle recipes. Each winning entry has a chance to become the next Blue Ribbon recipe featured in Gedney brands' exclusive STATE FAIR line. 

1st Prize: $500 and Blue  Ribbon 2nd Prize: $60 and Red Ribbon 3rd Prize: $40 and White Ribbon
Entries due to the Minnesota State Fair on August 9th at 4:30pm
Submit your Pickle Recipe to the Minnesota State Fair here:


Flavor 75%
Adherence to Category Criteria 10%
Recipe 10%
Texture 5%

1290 Best Dill Pickle flavor - Using fresh cucumbers and ingredients to produce a delicious, uniquely flavored pickle. Try experimenting with different vinegars or adding other fresh veggies, incorporate interesting twists like citrus splash or sea salt sensation. Use garlic or not, but keep the dill and produce a perfectly pleasant pickle!

1291 Best Hot & Savory Dill Pickle flavor - Using fresh cucumbers and flavored vinegars, alcohols or liquors along with heat or spice coming from peppers - ramp it up with chilies, chipotles or... watch out - Habaneras! This should be a flavorful pickled cucumber that can really kick!

1292 Best Dill Pickle recipe - Using fresh cucumbers with flavors from “Around the World” such as Asian flavors native to Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean cooking; flavors used in Spanish or Mexican cooking; or flavors used in Far Eastern/Indian cooking. Tap into your heritage and add some authentic flavor from your homeland or just those spice blends that you love to create a robust fusion of wordly flavors.

1293 Best Flavorful Relish - Using cucumber or other fruits and vegetables. Show us how you make a dish delish with a relish so flavorful we’ll boast. Make it a super salsa or a rich relish to flavor burgers, hot dogs or your favorite meal. Season with fruit or vegetables - make it zing or sweetly sing, but bring the flavor.

1294 Best Vegetable - Get inspired by the garden, using a single or mixed combination of vegetables to create a colorful giardiniera with a variety of veggies or just your favorites. Vinegar or wine or just a salted brine is fine. Make it spicy or savory and imagine it served on an antipasto platter, as a flavorful side to sandwiches, or enjoyed right out of the jar!