We Love Our Community

Our Community Garden Story: Being part of the community and giving back has always been a major part of the Gedney Foods Company business philosophy. This project will help create a number of sustainable jobs for emerging farmers in our area. It will give Gedney a source of the highest quality, freshest cucumbers, allowing us to create a premium brand of fresh packed pickles, our new Community Garden brand. These pickles, both Whole Dill and Dill Chips, will be hand picked and fresh packed right in our own backyard and are expected to hit grocery store shelves in Minnesota later this year.

Taking Pride in Pickles Since 1881


  • "Gedney pickles are simply the best. I actually won't buy any other brand, and remember them from childhood. You made balsamic munchers a while back and wonder if you still make them. They remind me of my mother's homemade pickles. I've looked all over and cannot find them in any stores. I love your variety of pickles, including the relishes."
    - Gail Laugerman
  • Gedney has been our family's go-to pickle for decades! Not JUST because it's the Minnesota pickle either.
    - Mandy Cassler
  • The best damned pickle you'll ever have. They stand by it!
    - Orion Roen
  • These are the best store bought pickle I have EVER had! Almost as good as my Grama Ivy's and cousin Pat's homemade pickles! If you took State Farm pickles out of the jar and put them in a mason jar, no one would know they are store bought.
    - Dan Nitzel
  • I just love your great and AWESOME Gedney bread and butter pickles! They are the best pickles out there by far!
    - Steven Jones